General questions

You can perform here a DNS leakcheck to check if your DNS settings are set correctly while using a VPN for example.

DNS stands for Domain Name System. The main function of DNS is to translate domain names into IP Addresses, which computers can understand. It also provides a list of mail servers which accept Emails for each domain name.

Due to the nature of managing high loads a DNS provider (for example Google ( uses much more servers to manage all the incoming DNS requests. This causes different IP addresses being showed up in results.

Technical questions

For checking the DNS server of you we use the following techniques:

  • javascript
  • bind9 DNS server
  • node JS script (parsing of requests)
  • PHP (processing javascript requests)

We perform 6 queries. This are most of the time enough to get a good view of your currently used DNS server.


You can reach us by different methods, just choose the one which is most convenient to you.